Sunday, November 2, 2008

I love this's FAN-tastic!!

The NBA season has begun and I've watched EVERY one that's been televised here in Canada this week - which means I need some serious ZZZs! Since Tuesday I have been in my total NBA junkie mode, it's like a third Christmas for me (I feel the same way when the NFL season starts too)!

I want to put this on record - I've been extremely excited and impressed with the NBA coverage that the Canadian sports television outlets have been providing for Canadian viewers over the past 2 seasons. During the 7 years I lived south of the border, that was one thing I was fortunate to enjoy, which seriously lacked in Canada - the endless access to NBA and NCAA basketball coverage and games. Now, it may be a while before we get that same level of NCAA coverage here in Canada, but the NBA coverage has been stellar over the past 2 seasons, 1 of which I appreciated from afar (or when I was home on vacation) as I was still living in 'The Land of Opportunity' at that time.

If you want to mark some key match ups on your calander, or in your smartphone - here you go:

--Toronto Raptors television coverage for the 2008-09 regular season (1 link):

--Overall NBA television coverage in Canada for the 2008-09 regular season (2 links):

In addition to the hilarious Wiser's Whiskey 'Wiserhood' tv spots, I also keep seeing the new Adidas 'Basketball is a Brotherhood' commercials (which started last season as most of my fellow avid basketball fans likely recall). I really like the short clips, they lure you in - hoping they were just a little longer. Well, hope no more - I'm spreading the love! Adidas has put together a cool concept that slickly ties in their marketing campaign which piggybacks off the success and message of the ones from last season.

There are 4 in total that tell the 'Brotherhood' story, which are the source of the 'short clip' TV commercials that we're seeing during the NBA games now, and a bonus video (a pick up game consisting solely of NBA stars!!) that is must watch for any 'NBAddict' like myself.

Check 'em out: The full length versions here on Adidas.TV.

I've also posted some commentary and cool links on two new 'group blogs' that I've been invited to contribute to - be sure to check 'em out:

--HoopHeadsNorth (Basketball talk with a Canadian flavour!)--

--Halifax Sports Portal (Discussion and promotion of the Amateur and Professional sports scene in Halifax, Nova Scotia)--

Until next time my friends...

P.S. - For my American readers: 2 more days...YES YOU CAN! :)

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