Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"I'm not the run of mill, 'cause for the mill I don't run"

Post Super Bowl thoughts:

All the confetti has fallen and has since been swept off of the streets of Manhattan's 'Canyon Of Heroes' celebrating the Super Bowl XLII win by the champion New York Giants, but not before cementing itself as one of the most dramatic finishes and one of the biggest upsets in NFL history. My man Burnsy hosted a Super Bowl party I attended with other good friends and it was incredible! The atmosphere was just what you want for a game like that. The house divided by Patriots fans and the rest rooting for the Giants like my boy Scotty, who was the only true Giants fan at the party. The highs and lows through the game were nerve wracking! Every first down, every turnover, every sack, completion, incompletion...each subsequent and conceivably game changing play. They all added to the eventual jubilation of the Giants supporters and the shocked reaction of the Pats fans as Eli Manning eluded a swarm of defenders and got the ball to David Tyree who made the most clutch catch I've ever witnessed, as the drive culminated with Plaxico Burress catching the game winning touchdown, and again when it was official as the game clock hit triple zeros.

It's moments like that is what being a sports fan is all about! It didn't hurt that I had picked the Giants two weeks before the Super Bowl and then went as far as to pick the 3 point spread as well. Yeah, I'm still enjoying the bragging rights from that one! :) It was great to chat to three of my NY Giants fan friends, Ryan, Mike, and John (the latter who is a NY Giants season tickets holder), the next day just to hear how excited they were. John, thanks for all the games @ Giants Stadium I've been able to go to over the past few years - the good and the bad!

I watched NFL Network's hour and a half 'NFL Replay' of Super Bowl XLII just for an early taste of the exclusive sideline and on-field footage NFL Films managed to capture. I definitely plan to get a copy of the Super Bowl XLII DVD to hear everything that we didn't get access to during the game.

I really would like to spend a moment talking about Bill Belichick and how ungracious he was in defeat. His immediate post game comments and his post Super Bowl media conference call gave relatively no credit to the Giants for their victory. The stunt he pulled walking off the field with a second left on the game clock before the final knee was extremely poor sportsmanship. If you have the gall to put your starters BACK IN after you already took them out or 'run up the score' in Week 7 & 8, what else are you willing to do?? Hahaha - We already know the answer to that question don't we? I think it's safe to say his name will be in the sporting news this off season, and it won't be for what the Patriots plan to do with my 49ers' 1st round pick in this year's NFL Entry Draft as much as it likely will be for 'Spygate Revisited'...

Blockbuster NBA trades:

There has been a whirlwind of activity in the NBA since I last posted. Pau Gasol going to the LA Lakers to fill their void in the middle and beyond while Andrew Bynum is sidelined. And the latest blockbuster deal that has sent the 'Big Aristotle', Shaquille O'Neal, to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for 'The Matrix', Shawn Marion, and Marcus Banks.

The majority of people I've talked to about this deal are skeptical of it or flat out don't think it's going to help Phoenix get over the hump and into the NBA Finals. I can understand those thoughts - Phoenix plays at a frenetic pace that is too much for Shaq, he didn't do anything all season in Miami to this point, or he's simply too old to be able to contribute.

Personally, I think this trade can get Steve Nash and Co. to the land of Champions. Realistically it all depends on Shaquille's health, but he passed his physical which was mandatory in order for the trade to go through. Futhermore, he WAS hurt over the past few weeks and has been rehabbing extensively. The Phoenix Suns medical staff are the ones who helped revitalize Antonio McDyess' career after his potential career ending knee surgery. Off the court matters such as the impending divorce from his wife Shaunie, and his philosphical differences with Miami Heat coach, Pat Riley, on the direction of the team - namely the team not retaining proven outside shooters like Jason Kapono, could also ultimately lead to a renewed focus and an environment that Shaq could thrive in. Shaquille is also an excellent passer especially when he's double teamed, and with the shooters that the Suns have on their roster, this could prove to be deadly for the competiton once the Suns have built the chemistry they need to have going into the post season.

The Stars shine this weekend in 'Nawlins:

This weekend is NBA All Star weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana - filled with all the fan favorites like the Sophomore/Rookie Game, Skills challenge, 3 point contest, the Slam Dunk contest, and then the actual All Star game on Sunday. Kevin Garnett has been ruled out of participating in the game because of his recovery of his abdomen injury. Rasheed Wallace has since been named as his replacement. I'm especially looking forward to the Dunk Off this Saturday night, all of the participants have been actively working on their dunks. Rudy Gay has even been gathering ideas from the fans for one of the dunks he plans to use. This should definitely be entertaining!

Here's the TV schedule of events:

Friday 2/15
9pm (EST) on TNT (USA), The Score (Canada)

T-Mobile Rookie Challenge and Youth Jam

Saturday 2/16
8pm (EST) on TNT (USA), TSN (Canada)

NBA All-Star Saturday Night

Sunday 2/17
8pm (EST) on TNT (USA), The Score (Canada)

57th NBA All-Star Game

As always, lemme know what you're thinking - the good, the bad, and the ugly!


Chris said...

well spoken, my man!

By far that was the *best* superbowl party experience I too have ever been a part of. We were like the UN - a collection of varying fans (2 Rams, 1 49ers, 1 Colts, 1 Packers, 1 G-MEN, 1 Bills) united in HATE against the evil cheaters,er, i mean, the Patriots. Amazing! Just a thought, but isnt it funny how a team named the "Patriots", which generally implies positive overtones such as truth and honesty, are a whole bunch of pompous cheaters??

As for the trades - right on about Shaq. Its all well and good to win 60+ games a year, but if you dont win the title, it doesnt mean anything. Ask the Mavs...or the Pats (18-1!!!). This may slow them down a bit (which i still doubt) but come playoff time, we knwo what Diesel can do...

Now all i need is for Big Rod (Thorn) to blow it up, starting with that whiny lil' wanker VC....

Ashir said...

Blah blah blah "I picked the Giants in my blog" blah blah blah! :P

More importantly, I want to again congratulate the Lakers on being 2008 NBA Champs, and establishing a new dynasty on their way to 10-Peat...that's right, we're coming after you Bill Russell!

Shaq Diesel in Phoenix?? All I've gotta say is "Can we rock? Wassup, doc??". And, really, wassup doc is the whole thing with Shaq here. If he's healthy, he'll be phenomenal...and I'd love to see him shut up Bill Walton too! Look for Amare to really improve his game too...he gets a chance to learn from a Hall-Of-Famer!

Bloggopotamus said...

Being an Anti-Patriot...I don't think I could have been any happier on Superbowl Sunday unless it was my beloved Bengals doing the deed. I gotta say though that I have a lot of respect for the Pats players but very little for "Mr. Cutoff Sweatshirt" (who wears those?...honestly) He comes of as so arrogant in so many situations...this was no exceptions.

At first thought of the Shaq/Marion/Banks blockbuster trade...I thought that it was an awful trade by both parties but I think I'll have to chalk it to shock because the more I think about it..the more it makes sense. If Shaq is healthy...look out..I see the Suns be the real legitimate threat in the west although the Lakers should be a force especially when Bynum is back. The Heat couldn't get any worse and they've improved dramatically even in their first game with Marion...who knows in the long term though.